Charlie is created for SHARP, to offer an intuitive usage of a combi-microwave. Charly is based on extensive user research about the preferred interaction, experience and usability of combi-microwaves.

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The project aimed on creating a redesign proposal for a SHARP combi-microwave based on extensive user research.


The proposed redesign has many chances. It has a new type of pre-set menu dial including options for the user to safe often used settings. The interface next to the dial shows the three different functions of a combi-microwave to emphasise the benefits and differences of a combination compared to a regular microwave or oven. The overall interface has a horizontal left-to-right sequence of actions to provide a more intuitive usage. The door opens from top to bottom to give it an oven feeling, again to emphasise the combi-microwave qualities.


The redesign is fully based on user-tests and iterations. The user-test included different methods to test the overall quality of the usage. A part of the user-test was to observe how several general actions where performed with the product, to find insights about the current use and opportunities for improvement. These user-research sessions were followed by insight mapping sessions; creation and notation of all interesting quotes, actions and self-interpreted insights followed by clustering and finally concluded with a vision for improvement.

By creative idea generation sessions the aimed user interaction and experience were mapped and combined and translated with the vision into design goals. Idea generation sessions were also used to fill in these design goals.

Other Usability and Experience research and analysis methods followed are, among others, AttrakDiff and the PrEmo-tool.

Impression of the project

Final designs

First redesign proposal

Ideation phase

Usability studies