My role

At Mixit, I worked as a digital workplace consultant. This role at a small company required to take on several roles besides a UX designer or consultant. During various projects, I have facilitated creative idea generation sessions, focus group sessions, co-creation sessions and more.

My role within these projects changed over time. In the beginning I have been part of the creation and execution. Later, I also took more of a project manager role and proposed, planned, scheduled, organised and executed smaller projects.

Customer Journey | Personas | UX Design | Behaviour change | ADKAR | Strategy Design | Workshop facilitation | Co-creation | Project planning | Design Thinking

Creative sessions

The creative sessions I have facilitated, have been with a variety of participants, often requiring to adjust the sessions to the target-group. I’ve collaborated at projects with lawyers at Houthoff company, with researchers at Vilans, housing staff at Woonstad Rotterdam, and many more.

My focus

A design and a process is only complete when it fits the target-group. Organising creative sessions, using the target-group as experts and involving them at every step of a project was not only important for the final designs. One of my biggest learnings is the change and how people deal differently with it. Therefore, including the target-group seemed to be just as important take these changes serious, and support the users in the right way to deal with it. I’ve found the importance of creating sessions, but also sharing the direct results (in the form of designs) and indirect results (in the form of KPI’s) and always keeping the target group involved and informed.

Impression of the projects

Vilans: Creative sessions –  a day of an employee

Vilans: Project process visualisation

Roadmap - adoptie_v5

Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam: Intranet features designs

Woonstad Rotterdam: Project process visualisation

Woonstad Rotterdam: Intranet designs

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