Context mapping sessions are about, with high involvement of the target-group, mapping all the relevant aspects of a context to be fully aware of what might influence the design (process). These sessions are similar to creative idea generation sessions, however this process of context mapping start earlier and has the target-group participating. The first task, before the real session has started, is to provide the participants with material visualise their experiences related to the subject of the session. This material is often filled in individually and over a longer time span. A context mapping session itself starts with this material and is often done in groups.

The skills for these sessions are in the preparation, thus the creation of the material that the participants are asked to fill in on forehand, and the preparation, execution and analysis of the session itself. This features different execution methods based on the type of session, the preferred type of outcome (e.g. it could end in basic inspiration related to the subject or it could result in specific design recommendations) and the type of participants (mainly the difference between children and older research groups are highly influencing the process of the session).