Due to project privacy, not a lot of details can be shared.

Process and exploration

Process (following Design Thinking): (0) setup a scope definition with stakeholders, (1) explore the problem area in different cycles (user interviews, diary studies, and context mapping), (2) translate insights in updated personas, customer journey, and a problem statement, and validate the material with the target group.


After the first ‘diamond’ of the Design Thinking process, the second diamond started with the presentation of the problem statement and contextual information to the scrum team, and in a Design Sprint (facilitated by me), the knowledge was translated into product opportunties.

Iteration and validation

The Design Sprint was followed by several cycles of (3) ideation, and (4) validation by user interviews, user tests, and workshops.

In a workshop, the final design (together with the main pains, main problem statement, business needs) was handed over to the scrum team and my role changed into being a stakeholder expressing the voice of the customer.

Validation of potential solution for Deloitte in England

The design brief (user context, pain points, main needs, problem statement, and design opportunity) was also validated in England in three rounds of workshops and user validation sessions.


Director of Executive Assistants

Project Duration

6 weeks research exploration


Improve biggest pain point executive assistants, help increase employee satisfaction


Setup and execute exploration phase, include stakeholders and recruit participants, facilitate a Design Sprint with the scrum team, and lead the ideation and validation phase afterwards.

Methods & frameworks

User interviews, diary studies, ideation workshops, context mapping sessions, design sprints, user testings.


20+ executive assistants in the Netherlands, 20+ executive assistants in England.