I’m a customer-centric Researcher and Designer, holding a master’s degree in Design for Interaction (Delft University of Technology). After graduation, I worked as a user experience consultant at Mixit, focussing on digital workplace design. While working at Mixit, I realised that creating the ‘complete’ picture is my strength – following holistic approaches and connecting the dots.

Thereafter, I joined Deloitte as a Service Designer with the focus on Employee Experience. At Deloitte I was constantly mapping activities of employees, combined with identified pains, gains and tasks.

Currently, I am working at TX Markets (part of TX Group, formally known as Tamedia) in Zurich as a Senior UX Researcher.

I am passionate about user-centric research and design, and developing creative methods and approaches to do so. The findings and insights, I translate into compelling designs and strategies to create a complete overview.