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Welcome to my online portfolio

The designer in me

I am working as a Service Designer / Customer Experience Designer with a strong research focus, and my aim is to involve and understand the context of users, including their needs and pains. Research and Service Design overlap in my opinion a lot, and it is all about mapping everything known about a user or customer, fully understanding the context as well as the back stage context (think about HR colleagues, IT-processes and product/tool dependencies).

Besides UX Research and Service Design following Design Thinking, I am skilled in facilitating creative sessions. For example, facilitating Google Design Sprints, or organising and analysing context mapping sessions and co-design sessions.

I also bring experience in Change Management. I believe that Change Management is a key element to the implementation, adoption, and scaling of new or improved services. It is important to involve and engage with not only users, but also the employees to actually make the service happen.

During my work at Swiss Marketplace Group (fka TX Markets), I had the great opportunity to grow and manage a team of five skilled UX Researchers. Being a coach and an inspiring leader is important to me. And after a six day leadership course, many books and articles and close to two years of leadership experience, I am excited to further explore leadership opportunities.

A short story of my work experience

I’m never done learning, and you can often find me searching for papers or new books. During my studies, I focussed on Design Thinking. During my first job at Mixit, I dove into the field of Change Management and adoption strategies, and the importance of Change management when it comes to improving digital workplaces and implementing new tools and services for employees. At Deloitte, I dove deeper into Employee Experience, applied changes using adoption strategies, and managed and rolled out a Service Design program (managing three teams to deliver quick and iterative result over three months). I also explored and optimised my Design Sprint facilitation skills and developed a Design Sprint approach fit for the team and company.

Then it was time for me to move to Switzerland. I found a job at TX Markets, starting as a senior UX Researcher, and quickly being promoted to a Research lead, growing a small research chapter from two to five researchers. I gained more research experience and explored a large variety of methods, while I empowered and expanded the team offering with Service Design practices. I gained a lot of experiences growing and managing a team: from team routines, project processes, and standardising reporting to coaching senior and junior profiles, managing conflicts, and guiding change. I also executed hands-on smaller projects (like practical usability testing and explorative interviews), to bigger Customer Centric Transformation projects.

At Zurich, I have the great opportunity to be part of a CX department, implementing and scaling the adoption of a CX mindset in all business units globally. To improve my work, I am exploring more about Customer Centricity in larger organisations, and the impact and value in understanding cultural differences in multicultural working environments (influencing Adoption strategies as well as the impact on team setup and day-to-day working).

Hobbies and interest

New in Switzerland, I enjoy the nature. Running, hiking, and swimming (when the sun is out), are my meditation. Like a real Dutch person, I enjoy to just get lost on my racing-bike or on rollerskates, and explore the (hopefully flatter parts of the) environment. When I’m not outside, you can probably find me baking bread (or at least trying to keep the sourdough alive), organising dinner parties, working out at the gym, practising yoga, cuddling cats, or expressing a moment of creativity on paper or on a canvas.

Creative user centered research