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Welcome to my online portfolio

On this website, my experiences are shown.

I am working as a Service Designer, and my aim is to involve and understand the users, the employees in this case including their needs and wishes. Service Design to me, is very similar to Customer Experience, yet including a broader context. It’s about mapping everything known about a customer, fully understanding the context as well as the back stage context (think about HR colleagues, IT-processes and product/tool dependencies). When starting exploration, the first phase of the Design Thinking (double diamond) approach, I engage with users following interactive co-creation sessions. Journeys are always a result of this process, and depending on the complexity, personas and epics might be added. My favourite start of the second diamond (creation phase), is to facilitate a Design Sprint. It’s a perfect way to ‘transfer’ all the knowledge gained during research to the development team, create a shared vision and understanding, and create a kickstart into solution thinking.

The designer in me

Besides service design and design thinking, I am also skilled in facilitating creative sessions. For example, facilitating Google Design Sprints, or organising and analysing context mapping sessions and co-design sessions.

I take designing to a next level by including the target-group: explore wishes and needs, and translate the outcomes into designs and strategies. As a result my work is more than an appealing design, it is a complete story.

I’m never done learning, and you can often find me searching for papers or new books. During my studies, I focussed on Design Thinking aspects. While during my first job at Mixit, I dove into the field of behaviour change and adoption strategies. Currently, Visual Thinking, Google Design Sprints, and Service Design in a Scrum environment are having my focus.

When I’m not working, I’m studying German, baking bread (or at least trying to keep the sourdough alive), practising yoga, or trying to find my way on my roller blades somewhere in some fields.

Website structure

The projects on this website are divided into categories: research and design projects, and skills. The ‘skills’ category is an impression of skill sets that enrich my design techniques.

Creative user centered research